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Parent Engagement Policy

2022 -2023
Dr. Shelley Armstrong, Principal                                               
Dr. Tara Lawson, Assistant Principal
School Administration
  • Page Henley, Michelle Strickland, Kayla Crook, Jamie Ricketts, Erica Chick, Brooke Lipshie, Lisa Long/Megan Hutto, Angie Clark, Chelsea Gentry, Heather Campbell
Parent Member:
Abbey Mixon    
Community Member:
David Freeman 

Vision Statement

We seek to develop citizens who relentlessly pursue growth emotionally, socially, and academically. 

Annual Title I Meeting

Each year all families have the opportunity to learn about  the purpose and funding of Title I.  Castle Heights is designated as a Title I school which means that every student can benefit from the instruction of federally funded teachers and budgeted monies for equipment, supplies and parent engagement events. The invitation for the 2022-2023 meeting was sent to all families and held each morning during phase-in days the week of August 1st.  For families unable to attend phase-in, a slideshow with details shared is available online. 

Purpose of Parental Engagement Plan and Actions in Place

It is our belief that a strong partnership between the school and the home is a vital component for student success - academically, physically, socially and emotionally.  In order to make decisions on how to best support and communicate with families, data were collected from surveys given at family engagement events throughout the year.  In addition, an online survey is sent to all parents in the spring. The feedback collected is used to refine our methods of communication, instructional effectiveness, and family engagement opportunities. 


Through collaboration with parents and teachers we recognize that continuous support of learning at home is vital and that communication needs to be clear, in a consistent platform, and easily accessible.  Our School, Family, Student Compact, which was made in collaboration with teachers and families, addresses the ways in which our school intends to partner with our stakeholders. This will be distributed to all families in paper form, available online, and posted by the office. 
In addition to providing in-person learning, we provide access to some educational programs used during the school year. The school’s plan is to engage parents and familiarize them with all resources available during personalized phase -in days. All students are  provided an electronic device for use at school.  
Rigorous instruction is provided and aligns with the state’s standards for all grade levels. Below are the links to the district and state sites for standards and pacing. 
Information is also available on the LSSD web site.
Universal Screeners/Benchmarks  will be given to determine skill and standard  mastery and utilized to determine student placement for enrichment, reteaching, or remediation.  Parents will be notified of their child’s performance and related academic support using a variety of methods:  parent-teacher conferences, progress reports, Skyward Family Access, Response to Intervention (RTI) letters, and report cards.

Family Engagement

A  vital part of parent involvement is family engagement activities. Our hope is to be able to host a variety of events to provide families the opportunity to partner in their students’ educational experience.